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Game AI



AI Interface Standards Committee

Gamasutra has many game AI related articles

As does GameDev

AI Wisdom has an excellent listing of game AI related articles.


Fingers of Death: Weapon Aiming

Craig Reynolds' Steering Behaviors site.

OpenSteer excellent open source steering behavior library

Amit's awesome pathfinding resource

William Van der Sterren's excellent CGF-AI resource

Must read HALO AI presentation.

Jeff Hannan's notes on Colin McCrae Rally2 AI

The companion site to John Funge's book "Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games: An Introduction" has some great links




Neural Networks and Neuroevolution


The indispensable FAQ

Excellent intro to neural networks including a description of the backpropagation algorithm

Introduction by Kevin Gurney of Sheffield Uni

NEAT: Homepage of Ken Stanley, the inventor of NEAT

Backpropagators Review

Verve: evolving human-like behavior

A little piece of history

Biological neurons

ANN controlled Lunar Lander

Spiking Neurons

Modeling Human Prefrontal Cortex in Quake3 Arena



Evolutionary Algorithms


Lotsa links



Reinforcement Learning


Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction Sutton and Barto's book online

Reinforcement Learning Example



AI-Junkie Inspired Projects


Various projects by Ghost

An ant simulator by Klaudius